Mclaren P1




The Mclaren P1, British Motoring at its best. The P1 is the predecessor of the nail- biting Mclaren F1, but it does not use the same V12 engine with the ability to tear skin from bone. Instead, the P1 gets it power from a more reliable source- Electricity.

The P1 was a milestone in supercar history, instead of throwing a petrol devouring V12 into the cars rear, Mclaren decided a V8 would do the trick, but only if the design teams supervisor would allow them to incorporate a huge electric motor for an extra kick. This means the P1 is considered a thoroughbred in the automotive world. With a petrifying top speed of 218mph and a 0-62mph time of 2.8s, it seems like nothing could be better about this beast of a car.


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